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Ultimate Fashion Studio, LLC.

Your Body Jewelry and Tattoo supply Headquarters.


UFS has come to an end.

The Owners and team of workers would like to thank all of or valued customers over the many years.
Hopefully someday we may reopen.
Once again thank you for your support!

618 2nd Ave.


Troy, NY 12182


Phone:   1-518-233-0686

We are a Tattoo and Piercing supply company, with over 15 years experience in the trade.

We stock the Northeast's largest selection of body jewelry. Whether you are looking for surgical grade stainless steel,

Titanium, 14kt Gold, Acrylic, Bioplast, Hand blown glass or Organic body jewelry. Certain styles are not available in all


sizes. We stock sizes from 20 Gauge all the way up to 2.5” inches.

We are proud to carry some of the best tattoo inks on the market

  • Tommy's Star Brite Colors®

  • Intenze®

  • Eternal®

  • Dynamic Color Co.

  • Kuro Sumi®

"Starbrite® Colors" have been around since the early 90's, and continue to be 1 of the best selling tattoo inks available. Sterilized, and meeting all FDA requirements..

Intenze® claims to be the "world's safest, most sterile, and best looking tattoo ink".

We carry tattoo needle cartridges, including Cheyenne® brand - imported from Germany.

VIP series® quality artist approved. All the cartridges we sell fit all standard cartridge machines.

Black Disposable Grip/Tail/Tip 1 piece pre-sterilized individually packaged single use 1".

Round grip sizes

3R, 5R, 7R, 11R, 14R and 18R.

Great for any round configured needles on bar.

Diamond grip sizes

3D, 5D, 7D, 9D and 14D.

Flat or Magnum grip sizes

5F, 7F, 9F, 11F, 13F and 15F.
*Note these are sized for a conventional Magnum #12 needle grouping.

(Double stacked Magnums or Bug Pin Magnums do not correspond with the exact size.

Typically a double stack magnum will be a different size.  IE. 13M2 typically fits in a 7F tube.

Pre-made high quality imported pre-sterilized individually packaged single use tattoo needle on bar.

Round Liners #12 Common or considered wide (.35mm)
3R Liner, 5R Liner, 7R Liner, 8R Liner, 9R Liner, 11R Liner, 14R Liner and 18R Liner.

Round Liners #10 Tighter Grouping (.3mm)
3RT Liner, 5RT Liner, 7RT Liner, 9RT Liner.


Round Shaders
3R Shader, 5R Shader, 7R Shader, 9R Shader, 14R Shader and 18R Shader.


Magnum Shader - Mid-Long taper
5 Magnum, 7 Magnum, 9 Magnum, 11 Magnum, 13 Magnum and 15 Magnum.


Magnum Round/Soft edge or often called Curved Magnum.
7 Magnum Round, 9 Magnum Round, 11 Magnum Round, 13 Magnum Round and 15 Magnum Round.

Medical supplies

Green soap, madacide® 16oz, 32oz and gallon sizes.

We carry PDI wipes, A&D squeeze tubes, 15oz jars and boxes of 144 individually packs of .5oz A&D.

Lap cloths (bibs), Twin blade razors, Paper Tape, Soaker Pads, Sensi Wrap - Black (grip tape) 1 or 2 inch 5 yard rolls boxes or singles.

Wash Bottles 250ml or 500ml. Empty Mixing bottles, Tongue depressors bulk boxes or sterilized individually packaged. 




Ink caps  clear or flat blue
rubber bands black or mixed colors
grommets, o-rings, Nipples, Hybrid Grommets.
Spirit® Brand Transfer paper regular size and XL.
Spirit® Brand transfer cream in 1,2,4 or 8 oz sizes
Stencil Stuff® Transfer cream in 2 or 4 oz bottles.
Sterile skin scribes - markers opi scribe®
Drawing pens colors - Purple, Black, Red or Blue
Sharps containers
Bottle Bags, Machine covers, Clip cord covers.
Barrier Film Box 4x6 Colors clear or blue.

Internet orders: We ship on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Orders placed after 11am are sent out on the next shipping day. After payment is received.

Internet order for in store pickup:

All orders will be available to pick up in store next business day during normal business hours. Please have order confirmation in hand.

February In Store Specials


Buy 1 Get 1    @   50% off on Body Jewelry 

(Max discount $10.00 per customer per day

 Only valid on regular priced items and accounts. Must mention Code B1GET1@74418 to receive discount)


Disposable 1" Black Tube/Grip

Full box of 20 any style/size

$19.90 pls tx. 

(Must mention Code MM1990T to receive discount)



Bringing you the Best Quality Body Jewelry & Tattoo Supplies Since 2003


Open to the Public

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